Markal Paintstik Paint Pro 50ml Antique White


6,50 €

Markal Paintstik Paint Pro 50ml Blanco Antiguo

Ideal for stenciling, drawing, sketching, painting, creating murals and trompe l'oeil. P>

Great on different materials such as canvas, cloth, wood, metal, walls, glass, plastic, glass and ceramics

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Markal Paintstiks Oil painting bars

Markal oil painting bars are made of refined linseed oil, mixed with high quality pigments, and are conveniently solidified in the form of bar.

Markal Paintstiks can be extended and mixed together, and can be used in conjunction with conventional oil paintings. They don´t release unpleasant odors or gases, so they can be used practically anywhere, at any time, and on almost any surface.

Markal Paintstiks are self-sealing. They form a protective film, preventing from staining or drying. They remain wet and fresh, providing an indefinite useful life, because they self-seal again in 24 hours. This film ican be easily removed with a paper towel, by gently rubbing it, or peeling it carefully with a knife.

Remember that Markal Paintstik are oil paintings, as well as the Oil Tubes, so that the same techniques, mediums, supports and varnishes, can be used.

When due to wear, the bar reaches the cardboard covers, simply loose the wrap, and push the bar up from the bottom.

Markal, Paintstik, paint sticks, stencil painting, glass painting, textile painting.

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Buen producto
Maite G. on 02/03/2020Es muy buen producto pero lo que me ha llegado no es lo que pensaba que estaba comprando. Los colores no están claros y pensaba que estaba comprando blanco por el color que pone pero es un blanco muy raro. Recomendaría que la tabla de colores lo pudierais más claro.