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Large format stencils for decorating rooms, walls, ceilings, furniture, curtains, carpets, cushions, etc.

  • (S) 50 x 50cm - Design 48 x 48cm
  • (M) 50 x 70cm - Design 48 x 68cm
  • (L) 86 x 70cm - Design 84 x 68cm

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  • (S)
  • (M)
  • (L)

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Allover Stencil for DIY Decor



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With our stencils for walls can wall stenciling accentuated with these damask prints and get impressive results by spending only a fraction of the price of wallpaper or self-adhesive vinyl.


This Stencil "has continuity" and registration is built into design for ease of aligning.

Inexperienced users can obtain outstanding results.

The Stencils have an easy registration, just use rows of the design to align the template. You should not worry about super perfect alignment, the human eye will never notice that the design is a bit weird. The first time the stencil is placed on the wall use a level to ensure a good base.

If you want to learn how to stencil a damask stencil on one wall you can follow this tutorial with step by step application tips. Also you can see our video tutorials where you'll learn extremely useful techniques that a beginner can get great results.

Application Difficulty: Easy. Beginners. One layer, technique with brush or roller.

Measures of the stencil:


Size of the damask


Design: 37x42cm, 14.6x16.5in
Stencil: 39x44cm, 15.4x17.3in


Damask: 34x39.4cm, 13.4x15.5in



Size of the damask


Design 37x83cm, 14.6x32.7in
Stencil 39x85cm, 15.4x33.5in


Damask: 34x39.4cm, 13.4x15.5in



Size of the damask


Design 72x83cm, 28.3x32.7in
Stencil 74x85cm, 29.1x33.5in


Damask: 34x39.4cm, 13.4x15.5in



  1. Start at the top left of the wall.
  2. Fix the stencil to the wall with low adhetion masking tape. Optionally you can use our repositionable spray adhesive to prevent movement and for sharp edges.
  3. Apply very little amount of paint with a roller or brush.
  4. Move the template vertically downward by matching the lower part of the painting on the wall with the top part of the stencil as shown in this illustration.
  5. Move the template horizontally to the right by matching the right of the painting on the wall with the left side of the stencil as shown in this illustration.



  • 1 wall Stencil


  • High quality stencil. Our stencils have very accurately cut edges.
  • Durable stencil. They can last almost for a lifetime with proper care and storage.
  • Flexible stencil. The stencils easily adapt to almost any surface.
  • The stencils are very easy to clean. They can be cleaned or disinfected with any kind of cleaning product or solvent because it has a smooth and pore-less surface.
  • Attractive and fun designs. You don’t have to be a great artist to achieve impressive results.
  • Multiuse stencil. When you are using our Stencils you can apply paint using several techniques such as airbrushing, rollers, brushes or even paintsticks. To achieve a 3D effect you can use our stencil paste.
  • Multi-task Stencils. For instance, the Stencils from our mini series category can be used for cake decoration or tattoos. Another example is that the stencils from our airbrushing category can be used for scrapbooking, bodypaint or cake’s backgrounds.

The Stencils are available in different thicknesses and transparence degrees depending on your needs. For example, the Stencils used for automotive custom or illustration are usually semi opaque white and its thickness is 190 microns. In the other hand the Stencils for makeup and tattoos are usually transparent and thinner. On demand we also serve stencils 350 microns thick.

All our Stencils can become self-adhesive using our temporal adhesive spray The adhesive is low tack and doesn’t leave any residue on the surface you are working on. Just one application is enough to use the Stencil several times. When the glue is not sticky enough you can clean the Stencil with solvent and spray another coat of adhesive on it.

You can also order a Stencil of your logo or any design you want.