About Us

Our Company

We are manufacturers of stencils for:

  • high-end décor
  • crafts
  • airbrushing
  • pastries
  • makeup
  • body painting
  • nail-art
  • tattoo

We are also the sole distributor for Spain and Portugal of Markal Paintstiks

In Wega Elite Products we think our customers are also our friends who trust in us to share our experience and provide high quality products and exceptional service.

Our team

Formed by highly qualified staff always ready to offer the best service!


Wega Elite Products commercializes its stencils through wholesalers and retailers that buy products under very special conditions. If you're not yet a distributor and you want to become one you can contact us at comercial@todo-stencil.com comercial@todo-stencil.com

Join our distribution network and experience the difference of working with a friendly company that will give you:

  • high quality products
  • constantly growing catalog
  • attractive prices
  • Personal treatment
  • the best service
  • help in performing of personalized products

See for yourself how our personalized service and high quality products truly matter. And for those of you who have already experienced the difference of buying us - THANK YOU !! We are here and ready to help !!

Our websites

Our specialized websites:

1) Todo-Stencil (www.todostencil.com) All-About-Stencils:

Created in 2011 offers a wide variety of stencils for crafts, decoration, makeup, body painting, airbrushing, cakes, cookies, etc. New models are constantly incorporated into the catalog and custom design and custom manufacturing services are performed.

2) Todo-Aerografía (www.todo-aerografia.com) All About Airbrushing:

Created in 2007, though with an experience of over 20 years in the business, Todo-Aerografia has positioned itself as one of the reference sites in the world of airbrushing due to the large range of products offered, as well as its reliability and quality of service. Todo-Aerografia offers a large stock of over 2000 items, which allows us provide a fast and efficient service.

Todo-Aerografia offers excellent after-sale service includes assistance in the implementation of equipment, resolving doubts that arise at any time, as well as maintenance and repair service.

Todo-Aerografia also has a 50m2 classroom fully equipped with the most modern equipment where courses are given in collaboration with leading national and international professionals.

3) Todo-Maquillaje (www.todo-maquillaje.com) All-About-Airbrush-Makeup:

Creada en 2011,  arising from the present demand for airbrush makeup. Thanks to our long experience in working with airbrush makeup professionals. Todo-Maquillaje provides a high quality service and a wide range of products and airbrush equipment. In addition to makeup products, we offer a variety of stencils for social makeup and facepaint, body painting, nail-art, etc.

4) Todo-Plantillas (www.plantillasparaparedes.com) Wall Stencils:

Created in 2013, we offer stencils to professionals of high-end décor for works on walls, furniture, floors, ceilings, carpets and fabrics.