Wedding Cookies

Published : 07/27/2016 10:48:20
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Wedding Cookies

¡Hello everyone! Today we go back to a funny colorful wedding, in which all the guests join the party and have fun, dancing, joking, and taking pictures in the photocall…

A wedding like this must have beautiful details for the guests ¿what if we make some cookies for the event? This time we will make some cookies that symbolize the bride and groom. As usual, by using stencils, we will make very nice wedding cookies, with a few simple steps ¡here we go!

We will need:

  •   Baked cookies and ready to decorate
  •   Stencil Pastries Kit Wedding 007
  •   Real syrupy glaze
  •   White Fondant
  •   Roller
  •   Food black dye
  •   Cocoa powder
  •   Small spatula

Decoration step by step

1) To decorate the bride cookie, we place the corresponding stencil on the cookie, and apply the white glaze with a small spatula. In this case, I decided to apply the glaze directly on the bare cookie to obtain more contrast.


2) For the groom cookies we prepare a white fondant base. For that, we take a portion of fondant, we form a smooth ball, and stretch it with a roller until it has a thickness of about 3 mm.

3) Then, we place the groom stencil, on he fondant, and we apply black glaze with small spatula.


Note: A little trick to obtain an intense black color, is to mix it previously with cocoa powder, until it has a brownish color, and  then to add a good quality black dye. 

4) After that, we remove carefully the stencil, we cut the fondant with the same cookie cutter, and we fix the fondant piece to the cookie with a little water or edible glue.


It's so easy. We have made our wedding cookies to give to the guests, or to be placed on the sweet table. ¿Are you going to do them?


As usual, I hope that you enjoyed the post, and that you've learned many things. Kisses and until the next time!

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