Vintage style poster, created using an old frame.

Published : 07/15/2016 09:12:35
Categories : Home Deco , Markal Paintstiks , Mixed Media , Scrapbooking , Textile

I had this idea long time ago, these frames, rescued from a container, were asking for a second chance, and this was possible thanks to the Todostencil sténcil “maison belle” 


We don't really like the color combination, I would have added to the composition a touch of yellow or fuchsia, but if we are recycling, we do it to the taste of the recipient, and in this case it was a florist Shop Showcase, and I had to use these colors…

We only used a cross stitch fabric, the Markal Paintstik Metallic Silver, Sap Green and spary chalk paint in the frame color, a soft turquoise, and for the rear metal mesh which can be purchased at any garden or agricultural products store. 


To fix the sténcil to the fabric we use Temporary Adhesive Aerosol, you can find it in Todo Stencil. It's very easy to work with a stencil, no matter the support, paper, wood, cartboard, fabric.. if you previously fix it with adhesive. If you need to cover areas, especially when you work with sprays, we use the hated masking tape (I hate it, but I'm learning to deal with it), but you always get the best results, if you fix the stencil with the adhseive spray, because it avoids the paint seep.


For the rear we used the metal mesh, because it simply helps us to reuse the frame to hang dry flowers, exchange panels, and to give the frame a shabby touch.   

If you have any doubt, for example, how to mount the rear, do not hesitate to ask, because due to a technical problem with photos, we don't have the step by step explanation, but it's easy, you have to cut it in thr correct meassure with a diagonal cutting pliers, fix it with staples to the rear part of the frame, and ready...

 I was not exactly sure on how to fix the fabric to the metal mesh, so that it could be easily remove it to use the framework for other things, at the end we used the hemp ropes…and tied the fabric with this material to the metal mesh.


And in little time we made a reusable framework and a nice vintage poster... 

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