Vintage Cards

Published : 09/05/2016 14:01:01
Categories : Card Making , Home Deco , Mixed Media , Scrapbooking , Silhouettes , Textile

How to make very original  vintage cards:


1.We start with a few pieces of watercolor paper. For the background we use stencils:l Stencil Deco Embossing 045 bricks wall, Stencil Deco Borders  .


2. Then we add some textures with the Stencil Deco Borders and stencil paste. The paste is very thin and has a creamy texture_ so the drawing is very well defined and clean.


3, We can use a  todo-stencil mini Wood Silhouette 


4, In a card we make a decorative stitching around.


5, Finally we add some decorative objects, such as cloth or paper flowers, decorative lace tie, strip beads, pearls , bright hearts,...What comes to mind, we leave it to your imagination.


I encourage you to  experiment with stencils because it is a very quick and simple way to create beautiful projects

I hope you liked it. 

A kiss and see you next time!


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