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Published : 07/26/2017 19:13:36
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I really love decorating boxes. It may seem a difficult thing to do, but by simply using a stencil, some stencil paste and Mya chalkpaints you can achieve a wonderful result.

todostencil caja relieve mapa

To customize this box I have used:

todostencil caja relieve mapa

To start off, I have stenciled on the lid of the box the map of Europe using stencil paste. It is applied with a spatula or with an old credit card.

todostencil caja relieve mapa

I later apply stencil passte all over the box making an irregular effect.

Once it is dry I have painted the surface with Turquoise Mya Chalkpaint, this is a fantastic matt, high coverage paint.

todostencil caja relieve mapa

After the paint dried I sanded the surface, specially certain areas, to make a worn out effect and to make the map reappear.

todostencil caja relieve mapa

Finally, to make the map stand out even more, I covered it with transparent paste with microbeads with a small brush. We can achieve a similar effect by using transparent glue and glitter, beads, etc.

todostencil caja relieve mapa

See you next time!

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