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Published : 05/19/2017 15:26:09
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I love this summer stencil!

This time I've used it to make a poster for the door of my house. I usually use the Todostencil's stencils on a collage base. 

 cartel stencil beach house todostencil

For this poster I have used very old newspaper cuts about summer topics (I have good friends all around Spain that provide me with this type of marvelous materials). I also use mat medium gel to stick them on a wooden board.

Once the medium is dry, I apply a thin layer of light acrylic paint. I don't really want to cover the letters so I use a sponge and remove the excess paint with a baby wipe. 

cartel stencil beach house todostencilcartel stencil beach house todostencilcartel stencil beach house todostencil


Afterwards I have used the stencil with stencil paste to make a 3d effect. 

I have made the frame using some pieces of wood I found at the beach, other blocks of wood that I have stenciled and porcelain pieces. 

The apartment number stuck at the bottom was a final touch I wanted to add.


Here's proof that I love this stencil. I couldn't resist making this scrapbook page. In this occasion I used the stencil with some acrylic paint mixed with the stencil paste. PD: For the leaves I used decoupage napkin.


cartel stencil beach house todostencil


I hope you enjoyed it!


cartel beach house todostencilcartel beach house todostencil


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