Summer Card

Published : 07/05/2017 19:54:18
Categories : Card Making

Today I have made a summer card using the Palm Tree Stencil and creating a colourful background.


In the first place, I die-cut a small watercolour paper rectangle and then painted it with green, blue and yellow watercolours. Once it dried I stencilled the palmtrees using black ink and a sponge.

For the base I have used a cardboard folded in half with a piece of black wood grain-textured cardboard stuck on it using foam.


On the right side I stuck, also using foam, the watercolour paper rectangle and I stampped a text on its upper left corner. I later placed the heart and flamingo stickers on it.  


To achieve a tropical effect, I then die-cut a couple of green and blue leaves, and after creating volumes making folds on them, I stuck them just by the centre on the black cardboard.


It's always a good option to stencil using black ink on colourful backgrounds.  

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