St Valentine's day vintage sign

Published : 02/14/2017 12:03:05
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Surprise your partner for St Valentine's Day with this romantic sign made from TodoStencil materials like a wooden sign, stencils, stencil paste and markal paintstiks.

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Do you want to be unique on St Valentine's Day? Surprise your partner with this vintage sign decorated with stencils. You can attach to it a personalized letter with stencil icluding your declaration of love to this special person.

The materials you will need are the following:

cartel vintage stencil markal 1

This are the steps you have to follow in order to create this DIY vintage sign and personalised letter using stencils:

1st - Paint the wooden piece with a dark colour. I have used black lead chalk paint spray. Wait until it is dry (around 15min) and give it as many layers as you need.

cartel vintage stencil markal 2

2nd - While the paint is drying, you can decorate the front side of the envelope with a stencil (floral scrapbooking in this case) To do this you need to fix it with masking tape and coat the stencil brush with the golden Markal Paintstick. You can take the stencil out once you have covered the entire envelope surface.

cartel vintage stencil markal 3cartel vintage stencil markal 4

3rd - Get back to the wooden sign and with the stencil brush coated with sandstone Markal Paintstick you can now start giving little colour tocuhes to the die-cut and the edges of the piece. This way we will simulate a vintage effect that looks really nice.

cartel vintage stencil markal 5

Once you are done with this, we can put the stencil with vintage motifs, making the flowers to coincide in both of the sign corners.

cartel vintage stencil markal 6

We can now coat the brush again and start painting over the stencil in the corner, and then turn it back to paint the opposite corner.

  cartel vintage stencil markal

4th - Finally you can attach your love letter to the sign. You can fix it with washi tape for example, being ideal to use it with some romantic motifs, like the "love" one I have used.

cartel vintage stencil markal 7

After all f this steps now we finally have our DIY vintage sign decorated with stencils.

To surprise your partner, you can fix it to the headbord with double-sized tape. It will be a very nice little present afer a romantic dinner, for example.

cartel vintage stencil markal 8

In addition, once the St Valentine's Day is over you can still use the DIY vintage sign to decorate any of your home living space.

¿Have you prepared your St Valentine's Day gift for your special person already? Anyway, I hope this idea is still good for you to be inspired and complement your gift ¡I'm sure your partner will value it!


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