Special tags to wrap some gifts.

Published : 07/08/2016 09:43:59
Categories : Card Making , Home Deco , Mixed Media , Scrapbooking

Today I have prepared some tags to wrap presents, adding some wooden figures.


First I used the Stencil Deco Embossing 009 Stripes with Mastic Relief, and once dry, I have colored them with water-soluble powder pigment blue and purple, then I added a few patterned backgrounds stamps, using blue and grey inks, to create even more texture in the background. I aplied black acrylic paint with a sponge to the Stencil Deco Scrapbooking 065 Geometric.

Finally I sanded the stripes made of stencil paste to "show" the white color of the paste, but not completely (to obtain a worn effect).


I added the Silhouette Figure 089 Suitcase and the Silhouette Figure 093 Mapmundi which I had already colored with the Markal Paintstik Paint Metallic Silver, a few ornaments more, like cartonboard stars, metal gears, etc.. to complete these tags, ready to pack any unexpected surprise.

See you in the nex post.

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