Scrapbook notebook made with stencils and a wooden silhouette

Published : 02/16/2017 10:56:46
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With this explanation you will be able to create an original and personalised DIY notebook using few materials.

libreta scrap stencil masilla

¡Hi there everyone! I have lately been think of what could I show you for today's post, and none of the ideas that came to my mind were good enough for me.

I wanted to show you something you could do with not many materials, and finally I saw some cardboards I had to throw to the bin and it came to my mind to do a mini notebook to write down our notes.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 1libreta scrap stencil masilla 2

For this I chose two 9 by 15 cm cardboard pieces and first I did was to apply walnut stain. Once dry I rub a candle on the sides and applied white paint, giving it two layers in this case. Afterwards I sanded it to obtain a vintage effect.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 3libreta scrap stencil masilla 4

Next I added stencil paste with the scrapbooking snow stencil irregularly to the side that will be the cover. Before moving away the stencil I also applied red and pink purpurine.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 7

Once dry I glued a lace edging piece, a ballerina picture and the wooden ballerina shoes silhouette that I find amazing.

In order to gice it a golden touch, I have applied foil. You don't need any special tool for this, just double-face tape.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 5

To apply the foil what I have done is to put the double-face tape and cut the excess out.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 6Once You have done this, you just put the foil over the tape on the silhouette by its back (which is the silver side) making sure the one we will see is the golden, and we push it down until it has fixed and take out the rest. In the case any part is missing foil we just do the same process with a piece of foil until it is all covered.

If you do not have foil, another option would just be to paint it with golden paint like Makal one which is ideal for this cases.

Once we have the front and back cardboard pieces done we just need to add blank paper and bind it. If you don't have any binder don't worry, you can do it with a drill making sure you measeure it beforehand, and with some recicled clasp rings.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 8

You can also decorate the interior pages with a stencil and some ink/paint.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 9libreta scrap stencil masilla 10

And this is it... you have seen how easy and with few materials we can create something with a unique and spectacular finish.

I encourage you to try and create your own mini notebook.

libreta scrap stencil masilla 14

See you next time!

Lola Scrap

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