Scrap paper organizer challenge

Published : 03/31/2017 14:53:49
Categories : Markal Paintstiks , Scrapbooking , Silhouettes , Videos

Our creative team has recently had new additions and to celebrate it we are going to propose them to participate in the scrap paper organizer challenge. The girls will have to decorate our new product: This fantastic scrap paper organizer.

equipo creativo TodoStencil

This is currently our complete creative team! We are glad to have such a fantastic team! We proposed them to participate in the challenge and they all accepted. The girls will have to decorate our new Scrap paper organizer. The last day to submit the pictures of the resulting prodcut is the 12th of April, on that day we will post all the pictures. ¿Do you want to participate? Here you can buy the Scrap Paper Organizer.

This video shows how we decorated and assembled ours:

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