Recycled wooden box decorated with silhouettes

Published : 11/17/2016 13:21:43
Categories : Markal Paintstiks , Silhouettes

EveryStencil's wooden silhouettes give considerable scope as stencil templates, from scrapbooking projects to decoration projects on furniture, walls, and there are endless models and measures to choose from.

We had some wooden silhouettes of Dutch houses for a few months at home but we did not just decide on what support we were going to use them, until some boxes arrived in our hands.

Our materials this time have nothing to do with textiles ... but we have chosen something simple, to do in an afternoon. We have used:

  • A wooden box
  • Paint spray
  • Wooden Silhouettes(remember that these silhouettes can be found in several measures and in cardboard)
  • Markal Painting
  • Hot Silicone or Glue
  • Waterborn Varnish Spray

box with wooden silhouettes

We have used the wooden silhouettes of Dutch houses that you can see here, here, and here, all from TodoStencil, but before painting them with Markal paintstick, we have also given a coat of chalk paint with the same color than the box.

box with wooden silhouettes

Whatever method you use to paint the silhouettes, you will see that they are made of a wood, and therefore they are porous, and this will give a good adherence to any type of paint you choose...

To give it a touch of color, once the white paint dries, we apply with a stencil brush some soft tones, gold and metallic silver and soft rose that has us in love.

box with wooden silhouettes

Lastly, before we stick the wooden silhouettes to the box with hot silicone, we have sanded with soft sandpaper to scrape the edges of the wooden box, stick the houses, and finish with a coat of matt lacquer. Remember that to protect the things you have painted with chalk paint, if you use wax - it's great, but if you are going to use a varnish, use a waterbased one, because you can find unexpected results in the final finish if you use acrylic.

box with wooden silhouettes

And the final finish we liked so much that now it is up to us to decide if we continue with houses in the other two boxes that we have ... or we changed it all.

box with wooden silhouettes

Help us! What would you do with the other two boxes? Would you follow the line of this box to have a set of equal boxes, or would you change the color and the silhouettes?

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