Princess cookies

Published : 09/30/2016 09:45:04
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Princess cookies


  •   Baked cookies and ready to decorate (these are 8 cm)
  •   Royal white glaze
  •   White fondant 
  •   Roller
  •   Stencil Pastries Kit Kids 001
  •   Dyes of different colors
  •   Golden Dye
  •   Edible ink pens
  •   Fine-tipped brush (caliber 00)
  •   Greaseproof paper or similar to make a cornet
  •   Chopsticks


1) We take a piece of white fondant and color it with with pink dye using a stick. This time we will give a slightly marbled effect, so we stop kneading before the color is completely homogeneous.

2)We stretch the fondant until it has a thickness of about 3-4 mm. We put the stencil on the fondant and roll over, so that the  template marked on the fondant.


3) We remove the stencil and cut the fondant a little smaller than our cookie. We let it dry for half an hour.


4) We prepareroyal glaze: only with glass sugar (120 g) and water (16 ml), to avoid the egg. 

5) We prepare a cornet with baking paper, fill it with glaze (half filled), and we cover the silhouette that has been marked in the fondants, helping us with a stick to extend the glaze on the most delicate areas. Let it dry 24 h, but if you do not want to wait that long, the minimum is 8 hours.


6) Once the glaze is dry, we decorate with pens, brushes and dyes. 



7) Then we glue our piece of fondant on the cookie with a little water.

8) Then, we prepare a new cornet with the remaning glaze and draw an outline around the piece of fondant. We let dry again, 20-30 minutos, and add the gold finish.



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