Children's coat rack with stencil and stencil paste

Published : 09/12/2016 11:40:17
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i`m sure that you are busy with the back to school of your children. You will not only have to buy new school materials, but also organize it. For this reason today I will to show how to make a children's coat rack with stencil and stencil past, to hang and have at hand the shool bag, the bib, etc.etc.


To make this practical and decorative clothes rack you will need the following materials:


-                     Wooden board or DM

-                     Stencil Deco Kids 010 Train

-                     Brushes

-                     Stencil Paste

-                     Adhesive Aerosol

-                     Masking tapr

-                     Acrylic paints

-                     Fabric tape o washi tape

-                     Wooden knobs




Steps to follow:


1º.- First we paint the wooden board, which will be the basis for the hanger.




I used a brush and white acrylic paint. Th brushstrokes are visible, to obtain a vintage style

2º.- Once the paint has dried (an hour approximately), I passed a fine sandpaper across the surface to smooth, and wear the paint.



3º.- Then we spray the back of the stencil with repositionable adhesive spray, we let dry a few minutes before placing the stencil on the painted board . 




4º.- We cover all the stencil with the stencil paste, except the figures of bunnies and locomotive seats.  In this way, the bunnies seem to go inside the wagons. 




5º.- We extend the stencil paste with a spatula. And with the same spatula we will level the stencil paste and remove the excess.




Then we remove the stencil, adn let the stencil paste dry  (30 minutes approximately). Remember that if you want to increase the relief of the drawing, you must repeat the process several times until you have the desired height.




6º.- The next step is to paint the train, for thiswe place the stencil on the table again, making it match with the relief.


7º.- We paint the stencil elements, with the brush and different colors.




I used gray paint to paint the bunnies, I've also combined beige color to paint the locomotive and the wagons. I have also used red, green and blue colors to paint the balloons, and silver glitter for the stars.




8º.- Once you have finished painting, the stencil is removed.





En el caso de que haya quedado algún resto de adhesivo se puede eliminar con un trapo humedecido en un poco de alcohol una vez se haya secado totalmente la pintura.

In case there is any adhesive residue, it can be removed with a moistened towel with alcohol once the paint has dried.



9º.- To finish the coat rack edges we add fabric tape o washi tape.




10º.- Finally we glue the wooden knobs with wood glue or contact adhesive.




This type of adhesive dires usually quite fast, so you should previously  mark their position before pasting.




After all these steps, you can place the rack on the wall or behind the door of the room with special adhesive strips.



This is a creative and practical way to have organized kid's clothes and accessories, to make the return to school more funny. I hope you enjoyed this day and you will be encouraged to create your own personalized decoration.




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