Mini Album decorated with stencil and stencil paste

Published : 11/09/2016 08:57:06
Categories : Home Deco , Mixed Media , Scrapbooking , Textile

Today we are going to test the Stencil paste . It has a fine and very flexible finish, it doesn't crack when folding the material on which it is applied.

This is a mini album, for which I created the outer cover in a single piece of sackcloth, and have bounded it with Chinese chopsticks. But it can also be done by sewing the sheets, with staples ect…


For the cover I used a white A4 paper, on which I pasted with school cloth glue a piece of sackcloth, (bout 3 cm wider and longer). Then I applied on all sackcloth the motive of stencil floral decoration with Stencil paste. 

Then I shaped the cover by cutting the four corners, folding in the fabric, I attached it with double-sided tape to secure the structure. Inside the deck I glued a piece of decorated paper, one centimeter smaller, to cover fabric leftovers. 


The interior consists of 6 papers two centimeters shorter and longer than the cover, that I placed one inside another forming a notebook, I folded it in the middle, giving the rounded shape of the stick to the back, and I cut the excess with a cuter.  Then I pasted decorated papers on all the sheets.


Finally I bounded with the chopsticks, one goes in the interior and the other in the outer loin, then I tied them firmly with rope. I used tweezers and elastic rubber on which I knotted the final rope, and then removed it.


I decorated the cover with several adornments.





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12/09/2016 18:22:20

¡Madre mía, Elsa, me maravilla tu ingenio! En cuanto a las pastas del mini, impensable que estén hechas con un stencil y pasta de relieve. ¡Anda que no quedan bien! Y lo de los palillos chinos para la encuadernación me lo apunto. Debería visitarte más a menudo. Un mini precioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooso. Un besazo.

Dolors Trip-trap SCRAP

11/11/2016 18:16:11

Qué preciosidad de mini, Elsa! La portada te ha quedado de fábula y el sistema de encuadernación me parece de lo más original! Voy a echar un vistazo al blog que nos pronones ;-) Besos!!

Laura Dovalo

11/10/2016 01:25:46

¡Wow, que álbum más increíble! Me encanta la textura de la pasta de relieve sobre la arpillera y ese formato tan chulo. ^_^ Besitos

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