Halloween cookies

Published : 10/13/2016 08:36:37
Categories : Baking , Home Deco


  •   Baked cookies and ready to decorate (the cookies in the photo are 9 cm)
  •   Orange Fondant
  •   Halloween Stencils
  •   Small roller
  •   Thick black dyed Royal glaze 
  •   Small spatula
  •   Red powder dye 


1) We stretch the orange fondant until it has a thickness of 3-4 mm.

2) We place the stencil on the fondant and we roll over so that the template is well marked.


3) We apply the glaze using a small spatula, as smooth and uniform as possible.

4) We removed the stencil carefully and we cut the fondant a little smaller than our cookie.

This royal glaze contains no eggs, it is made only with glass sugar and water. The exact proportions are 70 g of glass sugar and 9 ml of water. 


5) We stick our piece of fondant on the cookie with a little water, and give the final touch brushing around the edge of the piece with red powder dye.


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