Fabric shoes decorated with Markal Paintsticks

Published : 07/13/2016 10:09:07
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Markal Paintsticks are a great resource to renovate and personalize your fabric shoes. Choose your favourite color and you'll see how easy it is to decorate your shoes with them.

 The main problem of the fabric shoes is that they get dirty easily. It is not always possible to clean stains from fabric, so that a new shoe becomes old very quickly.

 An example of this are my mint green shoes, They had some stains, that I could not remove although I had tried with various cleaning products. I Thought I could do nothing , when I thought I could use markal paintsticks to create a decorative effect and hide the strains.


 Materials used to decorate the fabric shoe

 Yoy will need (besides the shoe):

-          Markal Paintstick, I have used the Iridescent Gold because it combines perfectly with my mint green shoes.

-          Brush

-          Masking Tape

How to decorate the shoes step by step

First you have to mask the areas that you don´t want to paint, ornaments, heels, etc. In this case, we have to protect the rope ribbon, place the masking tape diagonal across the toe to form a triangle.  


After that I repeated the same action in the rear part of the shoe. 


The next step consists in painting with the Markal Paintstick on a non-porous support (a plastic plate for example). Then we impregnate the brush and we begin to paint.


You have to paint small areas and insist in folds and seams, so that the paint penetrates correctly.


It's not complicated and you will quickly confirm how the paint covers the surface, without leaving rigid the fabric.


I let the paint dry in a few hours, but you can speed up the process leaving the shoes out in the sun. Normally we will know that it has dried by touching the surface.

 After that, you have to apply heat to fix the paint and make it permanent on the fabric. You can use a hairdryer or a heat gun.  


Finally you have to remove the masking tape.  


The Markal paintstick has covered the original color, and the stains are not visible any more.


When you touch them you don't feel the paint, and if you stain them again, you can apply the paint again and you are ready.   


I hope that after seeing this tutorial to decorate and personalize the fabric shoes with Markal Paintsticks, you will be encouraged to give a second chance to your shoes.

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