DIY wall lamp decorated with stencil

Published : 06/30/2016 12:01:29
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DIY wall lamp decorated with stencil


If you want to learn how to make a lamp or wall light to create a charming corner, you can not miss this step by step guide.

The materials that we need are:

The steps we must follow to have our custom lamp decorated with stencils are:

1º.- We dye the star with wood dye, for this I have prepared nogalina dye,  but you can also use a dye ready to use. 


After applying the dye should remove excess moisture with cotton piece.

2º.- Then we pulverize wood texture stencil with adhesive spray, to fix the stencil and avoid moviement while we are painting.


3º.- After that we paint over the stencil with Markal Paintstiks sandstone or beige.


In this case, as the template is smaller than the board, we change the position of the stencil to paint the entire surface. It doesn't matter if it does not match the drawing, because we want to achieve a natural pickling effect.

4º.- We wait 24 hours until the paint dries properly, and then we spray the text stencil with adhesive spray.  


5º.- We center the text stencil and apply stencil paste with a spatula.  


6º.- We wait 30 minutes unyil the stencil paste dries.  


7º.- Once dry, we can sand the stencil paste to obtain a more uniform surface. Then we place the text stencil again , and paint with the Charcoal Markal Paintstick.  


8º.- We let it dry for about 24 hours (we will know that it is completely dry, when it doesn´t stain the fingers when rubbing), and finally post the lampholder at the rear.  


Now we have our lamp ready to place on the wall and create a charming corner.


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07/18/2016 08:36:55

Guau vaya transformación!!. No sabia que había plantillas que imitasen la textura madera, yo para eso siempre he utilizado un veteador.Besos y feliz semana

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