Star decorative Wood Board

Published : 09/20/2016 10:23:23
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A decorative detail for a baby room, made from a todostencil wood board Wood Board 011 Stitched Star.


First I painted one side of the star with a very clear grey chalk paint, and when it was dry I sanded randomly, to obtain a worn-looking. Then I used the Stencil Deco Scrapbooking 047 Bubbles for the background, using dark gray acrylic paint with a sponge. I made a small frame around the star, with bright turquoise paint, helping me with masking tape.


And now comes the trick: coloring our stencil paste stencil paste. It can be done with any pigment (powder, liquid, paint, ink…)  this time used mica powders clear turquoise, they have much brightness, although when mixed with the paste, the brightness is hardly noticeable.



With the tinted paste I applied the message "Sweet dreams" of the stencil sweet dream princess, covering with masking tape areas of the stencil that I didn' want to colour. Once dry, I applied brown powder for aging the background, create shadows and give more relief to the message. We can also use markal paintsticks, or normal paint using darker colors than our background (better in neutral tones, brown, grey..) .


Finally added some stars and clouds in silver and white cardboards , and over the clouds some stamps painted with watercolor, and adding some elements pasted with foam, to give relief.



The end result is a beautiful support for a child's room, or to stick on the wall. You can also do it reversible, in the rear I have used a precious decorated paper with black and gold flowers, to use it occasionally, or in another house atmosphere. 

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Laura Dovalo

10/01/2016 21:28:10

Oooh, que proyecto más dulce! Me ha encantado! Bss

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