Decoration of a wood board with a balloon background and nice applications

Published : 06/28/2016 11:38:31
Categories : Home Deco , Mixed Media , Scrapbooking

Hello !! Today again I have an idea to customize the Wood Boards, available in our store, I have used the Wood Board 007 Stitched Circle (30 cm). And this time we will make easy, we just need a nice paper and some details that we like, to convert the board in a very special decoration piece.


I have used a very special ballons paper, with a happy color combination. My paper is 30´5x30´5 cm, is slightly larger than the board, so I applied the medium gel (sealant / glue / acid free protector to protect the paper) and glued the paper, once dry I removed the excess of paper with a cutter, and patiently I cut the sewn. For a finer finish and to integrate the board with the wood, I sanded the edges lightly with fine sandpaper and after that I applied a layer of medium gel to protect the paper.


Then I used the Stencil Deco Background 092 Lattice Stars with a glossy transparent paste (that contains glass microspheres), white paste in the picture. Once dry, it becomes transparent, but depending on the light, you can appreciate the details of the stencil.


I added a few embellishments, matching the colors of the balloons, such as paper flowers, a cardboard frame, a card with bees, painted with watercolours with the message “be(e) happy”, sequins and glass and golden details. I also applied irregularly gold foil around the board edges.


I hope you enjoyed this way to customizing the board, just by lining it with a nice paper, you will obtain a beautiful result.


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Laura Dovalo

07/03/2016 20:45:52

Ooh, que bonito! Ese papel de globos es precioso y sí... lo has sabido respetar perfectamente ^_^ Me encantan los detallitos que has añadido... Besitos

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