Cushion decorated with tile stencils

Published : 02/20/2017 11:36:00
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¡Hello everyone!

We are starting to notice that daylight is getting longer and we feel like preparing the new season home decoration to give it a new and fresh air. With the help of this stencils and tips it will definitely be more pleasant and enjoyable!

So with this desire of starting the change of some of our decorative elements, we have decided to start with the sofa cushions.

Cojín decorado con stencil y markal

To decorate the cushion cover I have used the tile background stencil, the Markal colours wedgewood blueocre yellowcharcoalold white and different sized brushes

Cojin decorado con stencil y markal painstick

It is very important to fix the stencil with masking tape to the fabric, in order to avoid it from moving and protect the limits between the squares to avoid the paint from going to the squares around it.

Cojín decorado con stencil y Markal Painstick 3

As you can see using the masking tape and marking out the area we are going to use is a step we need to repeat through the different stages of the process.

I have used the old-white colour to paint some tile motifs over the base colour of the squares and to lighten the charcoal colour, obtaining a dark grey instead.

Cojín decorado con stencil y Markal Painstick 4

The truth is that I am very glad of the look of my new cushions, which are the very first ones I decorate, but won't be the lasts because I had so much fun!

Remember to iron the cushion fabric from its inside (not direct contact with the paint), after 24 to 48 hours to ensure the Markal paint fixes properly to the fabric.

And now, I leave you with the process video on how to transform your boring sofa cushions into very unique DIY art pieces ¡Hope you enjoy!

Here is the end of my post. I hope this project can help you and inspire you. And I really encourage you to do your own versions ¡I'm sure you'll love doing it as much as you will love the result!

Have a very happy Monday,


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