Cork coasters decorated with stencil and Markal Paintstik

Published : 10/28/2016 10:07:59
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-                     Stencil Deco Borders 046 Fringe

-                     Markal Paintstik Paint Black

-                     Markal Paintstik Paint Gold

-                     Brushes

-                     Chalk Paint or white chalk Paint and varnish (optional)




In this tutorial you will see two different ways to decorate the coasters: painting directly on the cork, or over chalk paint. To paint on the cork you must follow these steps:


1º.- Place the stencil on the coasters. 



I recommend you to puse masking tape to fix the stencil and prevent it from moving while you're painting.


2º.- Then apply the black Markal Paint Stick on the protective paper and impregnate the brush



Make circular movements with the brush to fill the stencil design with paint.


3º.- Once you have painted the Centre zone, place the stencil at the bottom and top. 



4º.- The paint neededs 24 hours to dry and fix, before using the coasters. You can also accelerate this process by applying heat.



Another way of decorating cork coasters is applying a layer of chalk paint.


1º.- Paint the coasters base with light colored chalk paint (for example white) and place the stencil on it.



Paint first yhe center of the coasters, and then paint the upper and lower part

2º.- Impregnate the brush with golden Markal Paintstick and apply it to the stencil.


3º.- Then paint the upper and lower part




4º.- Finally remove the stencil and wait 24 until the paint is dry. You can also apply a coat of varnish to protect the chalk paint.







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