Classic Indian Album

Published : 07/31/2017 19:12:51
Categories : , Scrapbooking

Today I'm showing you how I made several of my Summer artbook pages.


The "Classic Indian" stencil is perfect for this project. The first thing I did was to paint the background using watercolours and spray ink in brown and orange tones.


I used Turquoise Mya chalk paint on the stamps, on the stencils and on the wooden silhouette. I'm addicted to that colour!

I also painted the edges of the photograph with chalk paint, but first I had to sand them in order to make them suitable to be painted.


I've used black ink to stencil the indian man and the axes. Then I have subtely decorated the page and written some text.

I have also decorated cut out leaves using the Turquoise and the Chocolate Mya chalk paints and I have used cinnamon to achieve a 3d texture.





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