Cheerful and striking card decorated with a stencil

Published : 07/20/2016 09:35:20
Categories : Card Making , Home Deco , Mixed Media , Scrapbooking

Today I have prepared a simple card, but with a very striking background.


In a base of thick white cardboard, I have applied green and yellow spray ink in the lower left corner. Once dry, using a sponge and black ink I have marked the Stencil Deco Scrapbooking Arabesque making a gradient from the corner, so that the black color fades away.


Finally I added a white cardboard banner, on which I have stamped with black ink the sentence, and above this banner I've glued the rabbit and the bear, which are stamps, colored with watercolor, and cut .


With a stencil and some inks, using contrast and gradient effects, we can create really spectacular backgrounds.

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