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Casita de Pájaros

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Casita de pájaros decorada con stencils, pasta de relieve y Markal Painstick
With a stencil and Todo Stencil stencil paste we have transformed a wooden box and a glass bottle in a very original vase.

Cuadro Océano

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We show you how to make a vintage style picture on a wooden board with a maritime theme, ideal for a beach house.

Colgador para cubiertos

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With few materials have made this hanger for a wooden cutlery for the kitchen, it`s very decorative and practical, at the same time.

Decoración de una alfombra de sisal

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Decorating a sisal carpet from Ikea using a stencil (geometric stencil 018) and Markal Painstick, turning it into a very decorative and original element.
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