Card with stencil and watercolour paint

Published : 03/22/2017 08:54:09
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Spring is here already! And what we want is a bit of colour. For today we are going to prepare a card, in which the stencil pattern and watercolour background have most of the attention.

tarjeta fondo scrap stencil de todostencil

To prepare the coloured background, over a piece of watercolour paper I have die-cut with the 'big shot' simulating a needlework, I have played with watercolour paint mixing green and yellow colours.

tarjeta fondo scrap stencil de todostencil

Once dry, I have applied some metallic black stencil paste over the star diamond pattern stencil using a make-up sponge. We can also use any of the great markal paintstick paints, aplying it the same way or with a stencil brush.

tarjeta fondo scrap stencil de todostencil

To enhance this powerful background, I created a greyscale one to put behind the coloured. I have also die-cut this piece with the same fake sewing effect but in a bigger size. To give it a bit more texture, I stamped a feather stamp with grey ink irregularly over the surface.

tarjeta fondo scrap stencil de todostencil

To put it all together, I used a black card base, folded down to the desired size. I use the standard american card sizes, but you can choose to create yours in any size you prefer.

tarjeta fondo scrap stencil de todostencil

Over the black card base, I attached the grey piece with double-sided tape, and over it I placed the stencil and watercolour coloured artwork. I used foamy this time, to give it some volume. 

To complete this card, I added the fox which has been made from a stamp, coloured and cut down. The quote 'You are my sunshine' has been die-cut from a decorated piece of paper with the sewing effect on the edge. Some 'enamel dots' placed creating the shape of two flowers finish with the creation of this card, ready to give to someone special.

tarjeta fondo scrap stencil de todostencil

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