Candle holder decorated with stencil

Published : 10/14/2016 08:30:20
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A good idea to recycle glass jars is to make them Candle holder



-                     Stencil Deco Lattice Circles

-                     Color pigments or glitter

-                     Sponge brush

-                     White glue



 The steps to be followed are:


1º.- First we place the stencil around the glass jar, fixing it with masking tape, so that it does not move.



 2º.- Then with a brush and white glue we "paint" the surface. This has to be done quickly, because the white glue has a short drying time and it has to be sticky enough to attach the pigment. 



 3º.- The next step is to pour the pigment powder. You can also use eyeshadows that you do no longer use, or glitter.



 To extend and remove excess you can use a brush or your fingers, if you do not mind getting a little dirty.

4º.- Once you have covered the entire surface with the pigment, you remove the stencil, and wait until the glue dries.



 Although the glue is white, when it dries it becomes transparent, and you can see the pigment intensity.


5º.- Finally you can decorate the edge of the jar with a wire creting a handle.


Another option is to place a decorative ribbon around.


 You have converted a simple glass jar into an original candleholder, decorated with stencil.



If you place a candle or a led lamp inside you get a nice environmental lighting .




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