Birds Vintage Design for Wedding Cookies

Published : 07/19/2016 09:41:44
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Birds Vintage Design for Wedding Cookies 

¡Hello everyone! Today we will begin the post in a different way…I propose an exercise, but don't worry, It's easy, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine it's a warm summer day, the sun warms up just enough, there is a pleasant breeze, you are in a beautiful garden surrounded by flowers, candles, laces, pastel colors, a couple is in the moment "yes I want to marry you" and as gift you become these beautiful cookies… ¿Wouldn' you die of love? 

¿And if I tell you, that in a few simple steps you too can make them yourself? I know you always tell you the same, but it's really satisfying to do yourself the cookies for your celebration,and when you see the smile of the guests, you feel that every minute that you've invested in making them was worth. I have had the experience, I made the cookies in mu wedding ^^

¿Are you ready? Well then, let's begin. We will need:

  •   Baked cookies and ready to be decorated
  •   Birds Stencil , Heart Stencil
  •   White Fondant
  •   Roller
  •   Powder Food Dyes
  •   Brushes

This time I used a different cookie cutters, according to the occasion. 

Decoration step by step

1) We take a piece of fondant, we form a smooth ball, and we stretch it with the roller until we have a thickness of about 3 mm

2) We place the Birds Stencil on the fondant and press with the roller to mark the birds.


3) Then, without removing the stencil, we apply the dye with the chosen color with the brush.. In this case it's  “Magic Mint” of Rainbow Dust.

To achieve the gradient effect, we apply a very smooth first coat, and the we apply more color in the areas where we want a more intense color.

We also apply brown dye powder in the branches.


4) After that, we remove the stencil, and cut the fondant with the same cookie cutter. 

5) Then, you can add the details that you like. This time, I have added some hearts using the same technique we've used before, but with rosa Dye and the Heart Stencil.


If you don'h have this stencil, you can draw them yourself, the same with the flowers in the branches. You only have to mix powder dye with a littie of water, and ready.

6) Finally, we fix the fondant on the cookie with a little of water or edible glue.


And ¡voilá! Our cookies are ready to give, join, or, although it`s sad, taste. As you can see, those cookies also have a certain vintage look, I can't avoid it ¡I love it! ^^

As usual, I hope you liked the post and see you in the next post. ¡See you soon!

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