Basket decorated with a personalized stencil

Published : 07/29/2016 11:24:36
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Basket decorated with personalized stencil



A simple basket can be turned into one exclusive with a  Customized Stencil. In this way you adapt it to your style, and obtain an original result, combining different techniques.

The materials you'll need to customize your basket are:


-          One Customized stencil with a flamingo silhouette .

-          Markal Paintstick, I have used the Medium Pink for the flamingo body and the black for the peak.

-          Brushes.

-          Temporary Adhesive Aerosol.

-          Paper napkin.

-          Glue for decoupage.

-          Silicone gun.

-          Decorative cord.

-          Marker.

-          Scissors.



First we spary wth adhesive spray the back of the stencil to prevent it from moving while we paint

We must take into account, that some baskets (like this) are not completely smooth, have an undulating surface. In these cases we recommend to use also use masking tape to fix the stencil.



After that we paint with the Markal Paintstick on a nonporous surface (a plastic plate for example), and we impregnate the brush to start painting.



You have to insist with the brush, so that the paint penetrates well, and covers the entire surface. Once we have finished, we remove the stencil.




We Wait 24 hours until the paint is completely dried (when you tocuch the surface, it does not stain the fingers). Then, to highlight the silhouette painted with the stencil,we will create a background with the decoupage technique and scissors. 


With the stencil and a marker we will draw the flamingo silhouette.



Then we will cut the silhouette with the scissors, and we will remove the napkin parts that are not printed.



We glue the paper pieces carefully on the basket  You must keep in mind that paper napkins are very fragile, and can break easily, so it's convenient to press gently with your fingers to fix it.




Once we finished we use a round object to cut the remaining part of the napkin.



To finish the outline, we glue a decorative cord with the help of the silicone gun


In the next picture you can see the original the contrast between the different materials. On one side the Markal Paintstick shows the raffia surface that highlights on the napkin printing. The decorative cord acts a a decoration frame.




I hope you enjoyed this personalized basket with stencil and Markal Paintsticks. You will have an exclusive basket that certainly does not go unnoticed.


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