Autumn wall ornament

Published : 10/03/2016 13:37:40
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How to make an autum ornament using TodoStencil's silhouettes, stencil and paint Markal Paintstick


-                     Stencil Deco Floral 045 Floral Elements

-                     Stenciling brushes

-                     Silhouette Set 007 Tags Various

-                     Markal Paintstik Paint Pro 50ml Ivory Black

-                     Wood strip

-                     Wood beads

-                     Rope 

-                     Felt sheets




 1º.- First we place the stencil on the labels and paint the flowers with a brush and black markal paintstick.



 In the next picture you can see the three wooden labels after drawing them with stencil motifs.




2º.- Then we will cut a wooden arrow. To do this we will use a saw and a miter box.



We need a triangle to make the tip and two rhomboids to make the end of the arrow.



 3º.- The next step is to paint stencil designs on the wooden arrow.



Once we are done, we will stick all the pieces with wood glue and wait for it to be completely dry.

 4º.- Then we place hooks at the bottom of the arrow.



These hooks will be used to hang the wooden tags, for this we will use the rope, and will decorate it with wood beads.



 5º.- After decorating the rope, it wil be attached on one end to the hooks and on the other end to the tags.



 6º.- Finally we cut the felt sheets and stick them to the rope with silicone hot melt gun, and then at the rear of each label.



After all these steps we have finished our autumn wall ornament. 




In the next picture you can see the beautiful effect of the black Markal Paintstick on natural wood.




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