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Published : 05/22/2017 13:39:06
Categories : Card Making , Mixed Media

Hello guys! I'm back with another page for my art journal. This time I've used stencils and stamps to create a very textured background.

I have used these materials:

  •          Several stencils from Todostencil
  •          Stencil paste, glue and beads
  •          Acrylic paint
  •          Stamps, alphabet 
  •          Water resistant ink
  •          Glue

First thing I did was to prime the page with a layer of gesso to make the paper resist the techniques I later used. I chose yellow and green tones and afterwards I applied brown to the edges to make a deepening effect. You can rub the excess pain off with a paper towel.  

art journal plantillas todostencil

I then placed several background stamps on the paper using water resistant ink in orange tones.

art journal plantillas todostencil

For the drawing I used a stamp on a kraft cardboard and then I coloured it with felt tip pens. Then I cut out the drawing and I stuck it on the paper. On the right hand side I stamped the phrase with an alphabet stamp and with black water resistant ink. 

art journal plantillas todostencil

Next I used the crackle effect stencil and stencil paste to make a 3d texture on the paper using a spatula on the edges of the page. 

Finally I made a mixture of beads and glue and I spread it over the paper. I'm trying to simulate floating bubbles and I love the way it looks. 

art journal plantillas todostencil

art journal plantillas todostencil

art journal plantillas todostencil

This is the finished artjournal page! These techniques can also be used to decorate frames, cards and other objetcts.

See you soon!

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