Vintage Clock

Vintage Clock

When I saw the old clock sténcil I remembered those old round Wood boards. Transforming this dull, but perfect object, in a decorative object with the Todo Stencil Stencils is very easy and funny!!


It is not necessary to use it in a circular board, iyou can use some wood pallets, or in a textile piece.  We are thinking about this... 



Our stencil had already a fixed the time, but you can put the clock hands separately, to put the desired time,  for example, to remember a special time … Or even you can use it without the handles, adjust a clock mechanism. You have a lot of clock silhoettes in Todo Stencil to give free rein to the imagination and the creativity.

Our materials:

One round Wood Board

Temporary Adhesive Spary

Old clock sténcil from Todo Stencil

Wood Paint for and paint to make the stencil, or Markal paintstick 

Wax to protect wood or wax finish


Wheather you use painted or natural wood, we recommend to sand the wood before to fix the stencil with the temporary adhesive spray. We have decided to paint the wood in white mostly because we had a slight idea of where and how we would use our final clock, but we're looking forward to use it on natural wood.


We paint the wood with broken white chalk paint, and once dried, we sand  lijamos to make the surface as smooth as possible.

We fix the stencil with the temporary adhesive spray, and paint turquoise the stencil silhouette with chalk spray. You can also use the Markal Paintsticks, which are also perfect and permanent on wood. If you use spray, remember to protect with masking tape the areas, where you are not going to paint. With the paintstick this is not necessary, because you will the apply the paint in specific areas.



Once dried, we sand the surface to give a more worn out effect and we apply wax to protect the surface. You can also apply wax to darken a concrete area and getting an older effect.

We love the result... ¿but… what shall we say?



¿How would you use this Todo Stencil Stencil?

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