Hello everyone!Today we go to a wedding, yes, one of these beautiful weddings, with charm and details, that you will remember, parents, friends, bride and groom...

I reaqlly love vintage style lover, so beautiful, romantic and delicate that makes me crazy, so today we will see how to make nice vintage style cookies, inspired by a love letter, to sweeten your dream wedding.

What we need is:

Baked cookies and ready to decorate

Royal glaze

Stencil manuscript type

Food dyes (gel and powder)

Small spatula


Adhesive tape (optional)


Silicone mold to form roses (optional)

Pastry bag

Sheet forming nozzle (Wilton 67)

I have used a different cookie cutters, obtaining a beautiful shape, according to the occasion.

Royal glaze recipe

125 g sugar glass

One and a half teaspoon of meringue powder

20 ml  water

To decorate the cookies we will need two different glas consistencies (for delineating and filling). To obtain these have to try which you prefer. The delineating consistencies is obtained by mixing all  the ingredients (sometimes I add some water drops), and the filling consistency is obtained by adding water little by little (better with a dropper) until you obtain the consistencie that you prefer.

Decoration step by step

1) First, we mark with a pencil the contour of the area that we are going to cover with the glase, following the cookie border. This will be our guide.


2) Then, we go over the same contour with glase delineating and filling with the glase. We let dry until next day.

Paso 2


3) After this time, we put the stencil over the cookies and apply with the spatula the syrupy brown dyed glaze. I have put two adhesive tape stripes at both sides of the stencil, because I wanted the border without text.

4) We remove the stencil carefully and ¡voilá! we have the text of our love letter. Advise: Intense brown, black and red colors are difficult to obtain, so we recommend to use to use quality food dyes.



5) Next, we apply with a brush the brown powder dye, around the glase border, and in some areas between the letters to obtain an aged effect.

Paso 6

6) Now we can just give the final touch with gum paste roses. I have used gum paste because it dries much faster than the fondant, and the result is more delicate, but you can use fondant, too.

Paso 7

I have used the silicone mold because it already had it, and it's faster, but if you do not have it, you can model yourself the flowers.

If you use the mold, you have to cover it  well with sugar glass before introducing the gum paste or fondant, or it will completely get attached to the mold.

Then we introduce the gum paste or fondant, press well to mark the form of the rose, and while we press, we form a kind of stem that will help us later to remove the gum paste or fondant from the mold.

Paso 8

Paso 9

7) We retouch the flowers with pink powder dye to give them more volume, and paste it into the cookie with edible glue.

Paso 10

8) Finally, we make the leaves. To do this, we color the glaze with green dye, we introduce it in a bag with a sheet-form nozzle (Wilton 67), and apply the leaves where we want.

Paso 11

And finally, we have our precious vintage style cookies to celebrate a super romantic wedding.

Paso 12

As always, I hope that you liked the post, and that you have learned these beautiful things, and that you put them into practice. Many kisses and until next time!

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