Colgador para cubiertos

Colgador para cubiertos

A piece of wood that sometimes we find on the beach, driftwood, worn down by the action of the sea and the sun, can be used for making a very different diy. When we did the pictures with the wooden cutlery silhouettes on wooden pallets, we commented that we had something reserved, with the knife that was missing, something very similar to the pictures, but with a slight variation.


With very few materials have made this wooden hanger for the cutlery in the kitchen, but if you use the proper silhouette, you can even make a hanger for having ordered necklaces, ties, or even hang small pots

Driftwood is very easy to handle, and even pierce, so we don't even need a drill or tools to make the holes. Materials:

Wood Board 016 Cutlery 

Sandpaper for wood


Hot glue or wood glue


Open metal sockets

Screw for hanging pictures

Muestra 1

The Wood Board 016 Cutlery  has a perfect finish, we do not need sanding or making any pretreatment before painting, so we start painting the silhouette of the chosen color, we have used indigo blue spray paint. While the paint dries, we can sand a little the driftwood, or give you a special finish to the wood, we love the white color of the wood, so just a little sandpaper to smooth is enough.

Before gluing the silhouette, if we want, we place the metal sockets, at the distance that we need, it´s not necessary to drill, simply press the thread on the wood, and turning, we will be able to introduce it without difficulty.


Once the silhouette is dry, we paste it on the wood using hot glue, or wood glue, and on the back, we put the screw for hanging pictures in the wood.



As you can see its a qick diy, but can be very attractive and useful, we're thinking which silhouette we can use, but for a dressing room to have organised the belts and accessories. Do you dare with something like this? Imagine Figure Silhouette 053 Key on a wooden board to hang the door keys?

Or the Mini Silhouette 081 Girl with Ponytails for the hair ties?



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      manipulador de alimentos
      may 17, 2016

      que preciosidad. Muy buen articulo ire siguiendo las cosas que vas haciendo

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