Damask Stentil on a Pillow

Damask Stentil on a Pillow

This project consists of performing a stencil on fabric, in this case we have made ​​it on a pillow.

This technique is really easy and fast since there is no need to prepare the surface in any way. Just make sure the paint you use is suitable for textiles.

The stencil is placed directly on the pillowcase. Keep in mind that the surface is not smooth, so it is very important that the stencil is securely adhered. To do this, I used a reposicioneable spray adhesive that leaves no residue on the fabric. By using this adhesive I asuring that the stencil does not move and that the edges are crisp.

Once the stencil is placed I just have to apply the paint with a stencil brush.

Another thing to consider is that if you use a liquid paint, you should put a cardboard or plastic sheet inside the cushion cover to prevent paint stains on the  back side.

Once the work is completed you lift the stencil and follow the instructions for drying and fixation indicating the manufacturer of the paint you used.

In brief I'll upload a video tutorial of this project, you will see the work the step by step.

(the video will be uploaded soon)

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