Vintage Clock

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Decorating a round wooden board with an old clock Stencil , converting it in a decorative clock. It is easy if you use the Todo Stencil Stencils.

Galletas de Boda Blanco y Dorado

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Utilizando un stencil y gel metalizado se pueden hacer unas galletas nupciales tan elegantes como estas.
Card with three-dimensional effect using a stencil by layers, cutting layers and pasting them at different heights, another different way of using our todostencil templates. We have used the stencil waves as main decoration motif.

Casita de Pájaros

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Casita de pájaros decorada con stencils, pasta de relieve y Markal Painstick
With a stencil and Todo Stencil stencil paste we have transformed a wooden box and a glass bottle in a very original vase.
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