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  • Nuevos Stencils 2014-10

    Nuevos Stencils 2014-10

    Nuevos stencils octubre 2014. Este mes ha sido muy productivo, hemos incorporado a nuestro catálogo 55 stencils de decoración y manualidades, 12 stencils de alta decoración, y 35 siluetas.
    2014-11-08 19:32:57
  • Create your Stencil Uploading an Image

    Create your Stencil Uploading an Image

    Video tutorial on how to use our Stencil Designer to make a custom stencil with your own image
    2014-10-08 23:33:31
  • Create your Vintage Style Stencil

    Create your Vintage Style Stencil

    Video that shows you create your own vintage style stencil choosing from 500+ predifined images and 10+ fonts
    2014-10-05 22:50:53
  • Create your Own Stencil

    Create your Own Stencil

    Design your stencil from over 500 clip art and add the text you want in any of the 10 fonts available.
    2014-10-02 23:07:15
  • Damask Stentil on a Pillow

    Damask Stentil on a Pillow

    Paint a pillow with our damask stencil and Markal PAINTSTIK
    2014-10-01 17:35:17


ABOUT US         

Major European manufacturer of stencils for high end décor, crafts, airbrushing, pastries, makeup, body painting, nail art and tattoo.

We are also the distributors for Spain and Portugal of Markal Paintstiks .

We like to share our experience and provide our customers with high quality products and exceptional service.